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Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas That Will Strengthen Your Relationships 

The holiday gift-giving season is not just about exchanging material presents; it’s an opportunity to show our loved ones how much they mean to us. The holiday season is a perfect time to demonstrate your love and appreciation for the important people in your life.  While handmade gifts are undoubtedly special, even with the best... Read More

Why Intentional Solitude Should Be a Goal This Holiday

As a part of The Intentional Pause Project I have selected a theme for every month. For November I chose SOLITUDE on purpose. The holiday season is often synonymous with bustling activities, gatherings, and celebrations. The whole world is wired for us to focus on others – hosting, listing, gift buying, etc. However, amidst the... Read More

Preserving Family Legacy: Simple Steps for Caring for an Heirloom Quilt

During the holiday season, when we gather with family and loved ones, it’s a wonderful time to reminisce and delve into our family’s history. A valuable and often treasured heirloom that holds memories and sentimental value is an heirloom quilt. These intricate creations carry stories of generations before us, and it’s important to care for... Read More

7 Different Types of Fear: Which type are you prone to?

Fear is an intrinsic human emotion that can either hold us back or drive us forward. From fear of the unknown to fear of failure, these emotions can limit our potential and hinder personal growth.  On my research to help me understand that fear was the biggest reason why women weren’t following their dreams, I... Read More

The Power of an Unexpected Gift

While the act of gift-giving itself can be a heartwarming experience, there is something special about surprising someone with a gift they never saw coming. Especially when it is a gift of comfort like my Gift Quilts.TM️ Numerous studies and surveys have highlighted the positive effects of receiving an unexpected gift, no matter what it... Read More

Defining Soul Work 

Soul work refers to the personal and spiritual journey of self-discovery and growth. It is a process of deep introspection, self-reflection, and inner exploration aimed at uncovering one’s true essence, purpose, and potential. Soul work involves diving into the depths of one’s being to understand and heal emotional wounds, confront fears, and develop a deeper... Read More


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