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I created The Intentional PauseTM Project for one purpose – to empower women to follow their dreams using the power of the pause. I want to equip every woman with the partnership and support she needs to pursue her desired life. I give every woman permission, yes permission – to just stop and think.  I want to help women to embrace pausing as a powerful way forward, with intention, to achieve their dreams.


How strong is your sense of fulfillment? Are your dreams buried under an over-committed calendar and endless to-do list? Maybe you know what you desire, but something stops you every time you try to get there? 

I invite you to pause and take an honest, big-picture look at your life. Tune into those long-buried dreams and desires, discover what’s stopping you from pursuing them, and move forward with intention into the life you truly want. 

I want to help you activate a plan and fortify your emotional journey!  ActifyTM the life you really want.  


  • Guided journal + monthly planner = whole-life approach
  • 25 exercises over five, two-hour intentional pauses
  • Your own dates, your own pace
  • Strategies to fight fear with daily wisdom and inspiration
  • Best practice approaches backed by science and positive psychology
  • A solid emotional plan to keep you motivated when things get tough
  • Tools to help you replace disempowering habits with achievable dream goals


A quilt is a physical manifestation of pausing, and Kim’s line of extraordinary gift quilts will help you do just that. A beautiful way for you or someone you love to create some much-needed space for solitude on your journey.


Journeys are so much better together. My Intentional PauseTM e-course is almost ready to support you on your journey. I will guide you through the exercises, share my personal insights and tell useful stories to help you make progress quicker. Please sign up so I can inform you as soon as it is ready and you can benefit from the early bird discount. Can’t wait!


Inspiration can be one one of the most valuable resources. I have a series of beautifully lettered quotations and stories I want to share with you based on my personal lessons and observations. They are designed to emotionally support you on the path to your dreams. Please download one or all. Share with a friend who may need a reminder. Consider them a gift from me to you.



For any general questions or press inquiries send me a note and I’ll get back to you. 


“The Intentional Pause is just what the next generation of women need. Kim’s insights are spot on and her solution is adds a creative twist that will be memorable and effective.

Tina Wells, CEO Relvnt Media

The Intentional Pause was just what I needed and was given to me at a perfect time in my life.  It is a practical guide that helped me reflect, explore my hopes and dreams and create an actionable plan for the next chapter in my life.

I would strongly recommend for anyone who wants more out of their life even if they can’t completely define what that looks like or have a plan to achieve.  Thank you Kim for sharing the Intentional Pause with me.”

Lisa Miller, Executive, Mother of two

“The Intentional Pause Workbook and Dream Planner s a perfect playbook for overwhelmed, overachieving women looking to figure out their dreams and put some real purpose into their lives. 

It is beautifully packaged, written and illustrated which makes it a joy to interact with.   

As someone who dislikes introspection and life-planning exercises, I’ve found The Intentional Pause Workbook and Dream Planner a smart, practical and thought-provoking tool to help me figure out how to realize my purpose and put it into action. 

Liz Tinkman Retired Executive, Host, 3rd Act Podcast


“It is beautifully designed and provided a journey of self reflection and motivation, taking me to places I hadn’t been in a long time, helping me to rediscover how to dream.   As a working mother, life is often on autopilot with the day to day tasks;  …the book teaches you how to look at yourself deeper in a simple, beautiful and encouraging way, without judgement; it’s what makes it special.   

I didn’t even know what my dreams were any more. So for me, just taking the time to “pause” and open this book helped me refocus on the purpose and intentions of my actions and thoughts.  The book offers something for women of all ages, no matter where you are in life. I love the monthly short stories with words of wisdom and encouragement; I will refer back to them for motivation, especially with my own teenage daughters.  

The Intentional Pause provides a beautiful framework for women to achieve more, more than they thought they could, giving hope and inspiration.  It left me feeling hopeful, uplifted, and reminded me to never stop dreaming.”  

Jana Goolsby, Well-Being Specialist, Trainer and Mom of two

“Finally, a resource for the busy women…ideas and tips to help you focus and redefine your journey.  The author makes it clear that everyone has an individual journey and how YOU define or redefine it depends on where you are in life.   

This book spoke to me by giving me that extra push and feeling of excitement and reminder that I am in control of my life.  The book offers insight on how to develop healthy routines, habits, clarifying the importance of relationships and the reminder that obstacles will be a part of the journey.  

Thanks for giving me the courage and motivation to grant myself “permission to pause.”

Simone hollins, ParTneR in a Law Firm and Mom of Three

“I have just discovered the revolution (I’m not calling this a “book” – book is too small for what this is) that I didn’t know my soul was crying out for.
I have never been a successful journal-er. E
very journal I’ve started, I must admit, I never finished. Until this one. 

It talks to me on a spiritual AND intellectual level. It’s helping me see not only the “should” behind the act off pause, but the WHY. I’ve never experienced a book that better walk me through my heart and my mind and is helping me define my “why”, which is the foundation for my real big WHAT NEXT. 

Thank you for this book –
this revolution – this pause. I need this, and, I deserve this.”

Julie Tozier, ECOMMERCE DIRECTOR MOTHERLY and mom of two


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