Kim Alexis Newton

"I have fond memories of being in Jack and Jill growing up and grateful my mom exposed me to those unique experiences. Now as a mom, I cherish the opportunity to surround my daughter to leadership opportunities, a village of nurturing extended family and a host of friendships that will last her for years to come. What an honor to connect with other moms who want the same for their children. I hope you enjoy what I think is a beautiful reminder of your bonds."

Kim Alexis Newton

About This Quilt

We each have different family structures so when challenged with what design almost everyone could relate to I chose a Madonna.  No matter if we have one child or several children each of us can relate to an enduring moment between Mother and child.  I worked with my designer to personify the nurturing spirit required to make a child feel loved, supported, confident and safe.  As moms who are building future leaders we not only hold them tenderly while they are with you but as they grow during every stage.  It is a bond for life.  The bond also references four bonds as mothers and to the mission of Jack and Jill of America.

I placed them both in cream with the flowers surrounding them softly.  The sun rising behind her is a reference to our 85th Anniversary theme, “Tell Them We Are Still Rising.” The bracelets have our JNJ logo and 1938 to signify our founding year.  All the other embroidered touches (hair, skin, jewelry, nails, buds of the flowers) are there to make this super soft quilt truly special.

Description & Features

Irresistibly soft, each of our handcrafted Voile Gift Quilts’ sumptuous texture and lightweight warmth make them a year-round haven for quiet comfort. Each gift quilt is exquisitely constructed, incredibly soft to the touch, warm, and breathable. A cozy, 100% cotton voile outer layer, all-cotton batting, hand-crafted quilting and beautiful embroidery touches. All gift quilts are a personal size – cut generously long for head-to-toe comfort. Slight color variations are normal, further adding to the uniqueness of each quilt. Drape over your favorite chair, comfy couch or across the foot of your bed. This soft and warm colored Gift Quilt can inspire best wherever it can be seen.

  • Made especially for The moms of Jack and Jill.
  • Filled with 180-gsm cotton batting.
  • Prewashed for a supersoft hand feel.
  • Year-round, ideal for warm or cool temperatures.
  • Embroidered touches with reversible design.
  • Hand or Machine wash in cold water. Dry Cleaning Recommended.
  • Cotton bag with button closure for storing.
  • Imported.


Tender design and ready to gift

A Madonna represents all the bonds we share, packaged in special edition box.

Embroidered details

Embroidery enhances the design including the jewelry accents, hair and logo.

Double-sideD DESIGN

Back of Quilt Features the National emblem and enduring message.