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It’s Not Just A Line of Quilts

Every woman is a queen. That powerful truth is what I want to share with the world through my first line of gift quilts.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, and I’m so excited it’s finally come to fruition. I wrote my first business plan in 2005 (over 15 years ago!) when I was pregnant with my daughter. The journey since has been filled with lots of ups and downs, but my determination and fierce belief in what I’m created to do is what has carried me through. And that’s exactly what I’m trying to illustrate for women everywhere through these quilts: Always consider what you’re uniquely positioned to do; make a way to follow your dreams and don’t let ever let fear stop you; love yourself through it all and never doubt your worth, no matter what. Here’s a link to The Intentional Pause Dream Workbook and Monthly Planner – a resource I created to help women on the journey.

So, this line of quilts is all about holding women up, no matter what their age, culture, background or unique set of challenges may be. I chose designs that show the beauty of women, inside and out, and the strength they possess to overcome anything they face. These quilts feature messages that affirm, uplift, and remind us of the power within us all.

In my early days as a quilt artist, all of my quilts had words on them. I created them mostly on the side, just for me. I wanted to remember important things I’d learned in life, and those quilts became daily warming reminders of what mattered most. And when I started talking to women about what they’d envision for their own quilts, they requested a personal size with beautiful images and the kind of affirming, motivating messages they would want to remember, too.

So, as I create, I think about what I want my sisters — all of my sisters — and my daughters to remember.

I think:
You are powerful, beautiful and brave. More powerful than you know, beautiful both inside and out, brave enough to do amazing things. You are exactly who you need.  God did not create you fearful, but has given you a spirit of power, love and a sound mind.

You have all you need within to faithfully move toward your dreams.

And don’t question it, because you are precious. You are able. You are worthy. Because strength and dignity are built into who you are. Be confident and take on the future as if it is already yours, any way you want to define it.
Most importantly: Walk away from fear so you can create those dreams that are inside of you. Look within and spend time with yourself to figure it out. Don’t wait for permission from other people. Take that time to dream because your dreams are the purest form of your potential. And your potential is amazing!

This is why my first campaign, if that’s what you wanna call it, features women dressed in beautiful gowns, supporting each other and looking like the queens that we are. I remember sharing the images with a girlfriend and hearing her say, “Wow, I don’t even see myself like that. Not regal like that.” And that’s exactly why she needs a reminder. We all do! We all need to see ourselves as the regal queens we are, no matter how we show up. Our beauty is innate within us.

In the coming months, you will see new designs, but I wanted to start here — holding all my sisters up and reminding you of the incredible women you are.

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