The unconditional love we get from those who believe in us is unmeasurable and should be reciprcated. Paitence, understanding, forgiveness are required for long-term realtionships to work. Too often, we expect others to function as perfect versions of themselves without room for the complexities and contradictions that make them human. When we are truly able to see the beauty in others, even in their imperfections, we are actually seeing a reflection of the beauty within ourselves.

Kim Alexis Newton

About This Quilt

As women, every interaction we have with our closest female relationships, especially family, is opportunity to learn more about ourselves. I created this Gift Quilt as a tribute to those who bring out the beauty within us through their humanity — the good and the bad. It is a symbol of empathy and grattitude, reminding us that shared struggles and strengths can deepen compassion and understanding within our relationships. The color peach was chosen for its warmth, genuineness, and ability to promote a feeling of harmony and balance. It radiates a calming influence that evokes generosity and kindness. Pink roses, which symbolize gratitude, are a perfect representation of the people we cherish the most.

Our connections with those who love us the most provide us with the opportunity to grow and support one another as we navigate the complex and rewarding journey of womanhood. By recognizing the unique beauty in each other’s strengths and weaknesses, we can foster deeper, more meaningful connections. To see the beauty inside of them is actually a reflection of the beauty inside of us.

Learn more about my inspiration and my multigenerational photoshoot in this Feature on Shared Beauty.  

Gift Ideas

Seeing ourselves in others is a path to a deeper understanding, empathy and meaningful connection.

  • Affirm That She’s Amazing
  • Celebrate A Female Bond
  • Celebrate A Victory Or Milestone
  • Birthday Gift
  • Mentor Gift
  • Mother’s Day Gift
  • Graduation Gift
  • Christmas or Holiday Gift
  • Sympathy Gift
  • Thank You Gift
  • Health Challenge
  • Transition/New Beginning


Description & Features

Irresistibly soft, each of our handcrafted Voile Gift Quilts’ sumptuous texture and lightweight warmth make them a year-round haven for quiet comfort. Each gift quilt is exquisitely constructed, incredibly soft to the touch, warm, and breathable. A cozy, 100% cotton voile outer layer, all-cotton batting, hand-crafted quilting and beautiful embroidery touches. All gift quilts are a personal size – cut generously long for head-to-toe comfort. Slight color variations are normal, further adding to the uniqueness of each quilt. Drape over your favorite chair, comfy couch or across the foot of your bed. This boldly colored Gift Quilt can inspire best wherever it can be seen.

  • Filled with 180-gsm cotton batting.
  • Prewashed for a supersoft hand feel.
  • Year-round, ideal for warm or cool temperatures.
  • Embroidered words and touches all over.
  • Hand or Machine wash in cold water. Dry Cleaning Recommended.
  • Cotton bag with button closure for storing.
  • Imported.


Bright and Bold Design WITH embroidered DETAILS
Ready to gift Packaging