Every woman needs to embody the magnificence she brings to the world, just by being. No matter how we feel at the moment, our regalness is always shining through. I created this quilt as a reminder that we are precious, able and so worthy of all we desire. So, fear not and move confidently towards your destiny.

Kim Alexis Newton

About This Quilt

Sometimes we’re so driven by ‘success’ that it feels like we’re only as good as our last win, but that is not true. I created this Gift Quilt because we are precious, able, and so worthy of all that we desire—not because of anything we’ve done, but simply because we are. I want every woman to remember that her value is vast, and her purpose lies within. I chose to have this woman take a strong stance in a flowing pink gown, a color that represents both nurturing and strength. It billows behind her because she is going forward with momentum.

This regal and bold design is sure to encourage. No matter how we feel at any single moment, the reality is that the essence of who we are—all that we are—will always shine through.

Gift Ideas

Who says otherwise? Remind them that their value is intrinsic and non-negotiable.

  • Affirm that she’s amazing
  • Celebrate a breakthrough
  • Birthday gift
  • Graduation gift
  • Mother’s Day Gift
  • Christmas Gift
  • Anniversary
  • Transition/New Beginning

Description & Features

Irresistibly soft, each of our handcrafted Voile Quilts’ sumptuous texture and lightweight warmth make them a year-round haven for quiet comfort. Each quilt is exquisitely constructed, incredibly soft to the touch, warm, and breathable. A cozy, 100% cotton voile outer layer, all-cotton batting, hand-crafted quilting and beautiful embroidery touches. All quilts are a personal size – cut generously long for head-to-toe comfort. Slight color variations are normal, further adding to the uniqueness of each quilt. Reversible, providing two lovely looks in one. Drape over your favorite chair,  comfy couch or across the foot of your bed.   This boldly colored quilt can inspire best wherever it can be seen.   

  • Filled with 180-gsm cotton batting.
  • Prewashed for a supersoft hand feel.
  • Year-round, ideal for warm or cool temperatures.
  • Embroidered touches with reversible design.
  • Hand or Machine wash in cold water. Dry Cleaning Recommended.
  • Cotton bag with button closure for storing.
  • Imported.


Bold color and empowering design

Embroidered details

Double sided affirming messages